Rebecca J. Pruim

San Diego, CA, US | rebeccajae

Something New

I’ve finally deployed my website. There’s still some bugs to work out, but at the moment, I’m happy.

This website is generated with the Hugo templating engine, with a custom theme I designed.

I hit some hiccups that I’m still troubleshooting regarding deployment in this build process.

I can’t for the life of me get the bloody thing to auto-deploy. I generated a SSH key pair specifically for this use, even looked into how the gitlab docs recommend I do it, No dice. Still fails out with a “Host key verification failed.”. No idea why. Quite honestly though, I’ve justified not working anymore on it by saying that it gives me the ability to look over the content before it’s published. That’s more a lie to get myself to not work any more on it after spending about 2 hours trying to get key auth to work with no more than just a light “nope” error message.


Additionally, I may be able to actually update this, wow! I never updated/deployed it because it was a pain to do. Now that the build process is automated, I just push my content and it spits out a nice clean package to upload to my server. Neato.

Anyways, this first post is a bit more of a ramble than an actual post, I’m exhausted and need to go to bed.