I'm Rebecca.
I'm a recent university graduate
that specializes in software engineering.
I live in San Diego, California and
am currently looking for a full-time job.
If you're interested in what I do,
or would like me on your team,
check out my github, journal, or contact me.
My Experience
I have experience developing
for scalable infrastructure and the web.
I particularly focus on using proven tools
such as Docker and Kubernetes to streamline
the development and deployment of
large-scale applications
written in JavaScript and Python.
My Projects
I designed a project that made hardware
easily configurable from software.
By using an FPGA platform to let running
software re-configure hardware,
these systems gained
massive performance boosts.
My Education
I attended Cal Poly Pomona,
and graduated with honors having attained
a BSc in computer engineering.
I primarily took courses on software design,
and have deep knowledge of
embedded systems.
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